Glass Windows

Today’s window provides four vital functions: light, air (ventilation), protection, and visual expense/beauty. Windows contribute to many of the comforts of the contemporary interior because they let in what users want and keep out what they want out. For example, windows can help heat the interior in the winter, magnifying the diminished rays of the low-set sun.

Opened in springtime, windows invite fresh air and fragrance into homes and workspace. Closed in late summer, windows keep us dry and secure from potential rain; they protect us from cold winters, and from wind anytime it blows.

It is true that ventilation and light admission may be effectively handled through electrical devices. However, there is a debate as to the potential health hazards of sealed environments, since fresh air and full-spectrum light (sunshine) are essential to the health and well-being of humans.

Fresh air and sunshine are two reasons why windows are desirable in contemporary architecture. One aspect that cannot be duplicated in windowless environments is the beauty, interest, and even drama of nature, which one can enjoy with out being directly exposed to the discomforts of seasonal change and inclement weather.

Large picture windows or glass walls make the exterior a visual extension of the interior. As shown in the image above, Starlite Screen and Glass assisted in the installation of La Punta home in Hollywood, Ca.

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