3 Best Liquids to Clean Glass Products

The inclusion of glass in the interior and exterior of a house or in any other construction project is a very successful and preferred trend. People are using different types of glass to make entire walls and windows. However, being fragile by nature the glass windows and doors require special care and maintenance to keep them streak-free and sparkling clean. There are only a few glass product companies who focus on the quality and durability of the glass. It helps in making the cleaning process easy and feasible. The cleaning takes a lot of time and efforts and people also feel hesitant that what if they break the glass. Cleaning Glass and maintaining its spark can become a bit convenient by following the following 3 easy ways to clean your house glass products.


Most people use various glass cleaners and toners after mixing water in them to dilute it a bit. However, what people are unaware of is that the quality and specifications of water may differ from place to place. The increased quantity of various minerals such as magnesium and calcium in water can make your glass look unclear and might give it a few strokes if diluted with water. The best and most recommended thing liquid to clean glass windows and doors is simple distilled water. It is a particular type of water that doesn’t contain all the minerals that we get from the tap water. The low or no quantity of minerals helps in keeping the glass free from all the strokes and stains that appear from ordinary products.


Vinegar is the only liquid in the whole house that is an all-rounder when it comes to its usage in the daily chores. Apart from being one of the major ingredients in daily cooking, a particular type referred as white vinegar is one of the most powerful cleaning liquid when it comes to cleaning glass windows and doors and making them spotless. The White Vinegar contains antibacterial elements and acidic content that makes it completely safe for cleaning glass. White Vinegar cleaning last long doesn’t leave any stroke and is so far one of the cheapest option available in the market.


Soap can be the best source of creating foam if you want to use a foamy liquid to clean your glass windows and doors. However, using too much soap can make the surface of your glass dirty, by leaving a streaky texture and liquid behind. People use soap particularly to get rid of dirt and other stuff which lowers the quality of their perfect glass. Instead of using soap, prefer using a mixture of 2 quarts of water with 2 quarts of rubbing alcohol and add only 3 drops of dish-washing liquid. Mix this mixture well and use it to clean your glass windows and doors, it contains no harmful chemicals or particles that can harm your mirror. Use a clean cloth to clean with and make your glass products good as new.